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Profesional development opportunities offered through CCC

by Anita Schwartz
Millville Senior High School

It is time to assess oneís progress toward the state mandated 100 hours of Professional Development within a five year period that is a requirement of all certified teaching staff. The initial time phase is from September 1, 2000 through August 30, 2005 for permanently certified personnel. To be on track, one should have completed approximately 40 hours by the start of this school year. This requirement does not begin until one is permanently certified, and provisions are made for those who are out on extended medical leaves or take other leaves of absences. The Local Professional Development Committee consists of two administrators, Dr. Shelly Schneider and Mr. Stephen Burke, and four teachers, Mr. Peter Cifalogio, Chair, (Holly Heights), Ms. Patricia Atkinson (Memorial), Ms. Bonnie Shropshire (Lakeside), and Ms. Mary Camardo (Senior High). Two teacher representatives are elected by the MEA membership each spring, serving a two year term each. Should questions arise as to "what counts" toward your professional development goals, this committee can assist you with answers. The main purpose of the committee is to develop the plan for Millville, considering the districtís professional development needs, professional development vision, developing professional development opportunities, and evaluating the Millville plan. The Committee would appreciate your input and values your evaluation of the professional development opportunities provided by the district in-house. They are interested in other programs of which you may be aware or different districts, programs, or workshops that can provide quality professional development to our staff. Currently serving on the Cumberland County Professional Development Board are Ms. Barbara Calabrese (Lakeside), Ms. Carole Paladino (Silver Run), and Ms. Anita Schwartz, County Chair, (Senior High). We also appreciate your comments on professional development. Camden County College has recently begun offering tuition free workshops to teachers, providing teachers and staff with the opportunity to earn professional development credit by attending workshops and sessions. The college offers one college credit, also, for those who complete additional requirements of the workshops. There is a fee, however, if one wishes to obtain the college credit. Otherwise, one is considered "auditing" the class. To obtain Professional Development Credit one need not attend all sessions. Credit is given for each individual session. Most of the sessions are held on the collegeís main campus in Blackwood, NJ, which is the town adjacent to Washington Twp., and is conveniently located near Route 42 and the Black Horse Pike (Route 168). The following is a list of the general titles of the various workshops, with specific topics covered each evening of the class. A listing of the classes and the registration form was sent to each building so you can review all the information. Fall Flora: Create an Herbarium Genetics: From the Double Helix to Humans Chemistry Can be Fun Art, Aesthetic and Visual Representations of the Holocaust Code Breaking as a Teaching Tool Viruses, Plagues and History Tales of the Strange and Horrible Mondays A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Globe Diversity and Education Exploring Irish Culture Exploring Ancient Egyptian History Murders that Changed the Course of History The Sinking of the Titanic Questions can be directed to Dr. John L. Pesda, (856) 227-7200, ext. 4432 or e-mail at One can request to be placed on the mailing list for future workshops. Another offering is Aboard Our Battleship, a four session workshop held aboard the USS Battleship New Jersey, docked in the Delaware River in Camden. For four Monday evenings in July, I attended these sessions, and along with 35 other educators from South Jersey, we came away with a deep appreciation of the "living history" of the largest Battleship in the history of the United States. For the $10 fee, we received a notebook of information on the ship, educational activities to use with our students, and numerous opportunities to visit parts of the ship that are not open to the public during the normal tour. We learned from the docents who worked on refitting the ship and heard about the experiences of enlisted naval personnel who served aboard during World War II, the Cold War era, and Vietnam. The author of a book on the ship enlightened us about the political "fight" to permit the interested parties in New Jersey to purchase the decommissioned Battleship from the US Navy, and then the controversial decision to berth the ship in Camden, across the river from where it was built in the 1940s at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. Weekly, we were able to explore the Battleship, seeing places such as the Infirmary, Admiralís Quarters, Bridge, galley, enlisted menís sleeping areas, engine rooms, and inside the gun turrets. One objective of this offering is to encourage educators to utilize the Battleship as a learning experience for their students. However, one is not obligated to arrange a class trip to the site. If your experiences are anything like mine, you will encourage everyone you know to visit OUR Battleship. The amazing power of this ship and the sacrifices made by those who served aboard will fill you with awe.

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