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Constitution Clicking on the above link will download the Millville Education Association's Constitution as a PDF. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can download it from click here to download it.

Contract Clicking on the above link will download the Millville Education Associations's contract with the Millville Board of Education. The contract is a PDF.

Update Member Profile Need to update your member profile? Fill out our form to update your profile. Your update will be sent to Tina Hulitt.

Forms & Information Clicking on the above link will provide you with many forms as PDFs.

100 PIP Hours Worksheet Keep track of your 100 hours of profession development with this Microsoft Excel Worksheet. Contains an example worksheet as well as worksheets good for 25 years.

Sickday Calendar and Calculations Track your sick days, personal days, business days, etc. from year to year with this Microsoft Excel worksheet. Automatically calculates your cumulative sick days from year to year. Great organizer that tracks up to 30 years of service. Comes with a worksheet example.

Health/Safety Committee Report Form Report a concern that you are having in your work environment or your school site. If you prefer to do this offline please click here to download the PDF version of this form and print it out. Additionally the Health and Safety Committee will use this form to send to building principals.

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