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Cleaning out fall leaves from a rooftop could be dangerous

by Patti Robins
Millville Senior High School

As the weather improves and you start your spring cleaning of gutters on rooftops this spring take a few minutes to refresh yourself on ladder safety before you climb up to clean them out. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recently published statistics that illustrate the dangers of ladder accidents. In the U.S. more than 500,000 people a year are treated for ladder-related injuries, about 300,000 people in this country die from ladder-related injuries annually. There is an estimated annual cost of $11 billion dollars spent on ladder-related injuries which include work loss, medical, legal and liability expenses. You can avoid becoming one of these statistics by having the right ladder for the job. When selecting the best ladder for the job use this rule of thumb: step ladder has a safety height of the height of the ladder plus four feet. For example: a 4-foot ladder can be used to reach an 8-foot ceiling. For an extension ladder, the base and upper sections must overlap. So, a 20 foot extension ladder is only good for about 17-feet. The ladder must travel above the roofline 2- to 3-feet so that it can be used for balance as you climb onto the roof. There are 4 simple rules to follow to help prevent a ladder accident in your home, and perhaps serious injury: Rule 1: Never use a worn-out ladder. Rule 2: Never use a ladder unless it is rated to carry your weight. All ladder are rated for the amount of weight it is capable of safely carrying. Rule3: Use a ladder that is the right length for the job, as previously described. Rule 4: Rest the ladder properly. Donít rest the high leg on a block of wood or a brick. Instead, dig a hole for the lower leg. Also, donít stand a ladder up too little or too great of an angle. The safe angle is about 75 degrees.

Do You Have A Date With Heart Disease? In the year 2002 the National Cholesterol Education Program of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) is set to update its cholesterol guidelines. There is much talk that there will be a set of guidelines for males and another for females. Some changes might be:
HDL (good cholesterol) – currently a level below 35mg/dl means heart trouble for both males and females. New evidence shows that women should be concerned when the HDL drops below 45 mg/dl.
Triglycerides- currently should be below 200. The American Heart Association says the high for women should be 150.
Test everyone, regardless of age, or sex, should have done.

Reptiles in the Classroom As popularity rises to keep reptiles as classroom pets the incidence of reptile- related salmonellosis is increasing. Yearly, 93,000 cases of salmonellosis result from contact with reptiles that shed the organism in feces. Salmonellosis spreads by direct contact with reptile or its cage. School personnel and students must be taught to wash their hands after any contact with a reptile or its cage. The Center for Disease Control recommends schools not keep reptiles as pets. If they are allowed in the school do not allow them to roam freely or near food-preparation areas. Samonellosis is worse in infants, young children, and immunocompromised individuals (chemotherapy patients, transplant patients, HIV patients).

Snacking doesn't make you fat The three meals a day is out the window. Good nutrition should come in 5 small meals a day. This is difficult to do it you rely of getting anything done in your life. So, to help you need to snack. Yes, snacking on the right thing is key but by keeping the "hunger feeling" at bay, you will eat more reasonable portions when it comes mealtime. Imagine having lunch and feeling satisfied with a half of a sandwich left. The other half could be dinner and you're off the hook from having to cook for your nighttime meal. Why the "5 meals a day" idea works is your metabolism does not have time to shut down. If your metabolism stops your body will not burn any calories, if goes into preservation mode. The shut down causes your blood sugar levels to drop and you are more inclined to eat fatty, sugary foods to satisfy the lethargic feeling you have. Think of your metabolism as a fire, to keep a fire burning you have to consistently put logs on it or the fire goes out. If your body was the fire, food is the logs to keep it going. When you consistently add balanced nutrition your metabolism will burn those calories and excess fat you may want to get rid of. So, eat those snacks but make them count.

The Smart Snacker Many times we blame our weight issues with "snacking". How many times do adults eat well balanced meals but say they are corrupted by poor snack choices or hunger pangs that ruin their good intentions of eating right? Here are some practical suggestions to put an end to the yo-yo effect of a good nutritional diet.

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